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"My experience changed my life for the better. I have more confidence and the ability to overcome the world.
Seeking help was one of the best decisions I ever made. Wendy made me feel comfortable and offered real life solutions. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to seek help. She is #1 in the industry!"

"It was clear from my second visit with Wendy that she was paying attention to what I had said in the previous session. Her ability to recall what we discussed previously was impressive. Wendy was the first one to bring CBT to my attention. After just a few visits, she realized this would be the best therapy for me. Since that time, CBT has helped me in numerous ways."

"It was with great pleasure (under the circumstances) to have Wendy  as a therapist. Wendy demonstrated the ability to understand and apply the skills necessary for myself and my husband. We personally observed the compassion and loyalty that Wendy has for her clients. Wendy is very knowledgeable and creative in her work in attempt to keep families together and to help find that love that was once there. It was our pleasure meeting Wendy and we give her the highest recommendation."

"Where to start with all that Wendy's done!
I've seen several psychologists and one psychiatrist in over a decade, but Wendy's work has been invaluable.
She helped me see I had a condition that my psychiatrist had totally missed, but more importantly, she's helped me realize that change comes from within and that no one--*no one*--can make me change but me. Her gentle guidance and support have let me to so many revelations about myself that I feel like a new person!
With Wendy's help, I feel stronger, mentally, than I have in years, and although I know I have more change to come, I feel ready for it. And best of all, I know that Wendy will be there to help me.
Wendy has changed my life, and her mix of knowledge, compassion, and willingness to guide me through what I needed to see, instead of telling me, makes her the best therapist I've ever been to."

"Talking with Wendy was like talking with a friend. I felt that I could be honest and forthright without fear of being judged for my thoughts or feelings. Wendy guided me to a variety of creative strategies to deal with issues that were beyond my control, and provided supportive feedback and care when I implemented them."

"Wendy is a very professional, compassionate, personable and empathetic person and she helped me through a tough time in my life.
I went to Wendy for almost a year for therapy after I had been hospitalized twice with bipolar disorder and depression. It was a fairly traumatic time in my life and I struggled with several issues. I always felt comfortable talking to her about everything I needed help with. She was able to work with me on several problems using various exercises and coping techniques, but I think what helped me the most was just being able to talk to her about problems and not feeling judged about who I was. I also always liked that she is very well-read and will give suggestions for books or other resources that can help you further.
She certainly helped me to learn how to become a happier and stable person. Without help from her, I would not be as successful in life as I am today. I highly respect her. I would certainly recommend going to her for any psychological or therapeutic help that you may need."

"Wendy ~ A first class professional as a therapist coupled with the empathy and compassion of a healer. A warm, friendly and inviting office that offers privacy and respect. My personal experience of Wendy was a compassionate listener, an expert questioner to gently invite introspection, and as a personal advocate for my best."

"I found Wendy to be warm, inviting and comfortable. I was relaxed enough to speak my mind and with her guidance I was able to get those hard feelings into words. I felt like her willingness to not only listen but become engaged was refreshing. Wendy felt more like a friend, not a hired ear. I benefited from our sessions and that is why I recommended her to 2 other people who I know have used her."

"My husband and I sought help from Wendy to address our marriage. She was tremendous in working with us on our relationship as a whole and more specifically our communication. Not only for the big issues we have encountered and will continue to as time passes, but also the day-to-day communication necessary to help and make a relationship work. With each visit, there was helpful ‘homework’ for us to do, be it individually and/or jointly. In addition, she helps those that have experienced trauma. As a person that has experienced this, she was extremely insightful and I came away with newfound outlooks and ways to cope and manage situations so as not to feel traumatized again. I would highly recommend Wendy (and have) not only for couples therapy but for those that have experienced trauma."

"Wendy is a life saver and a family saver! She helped me work through the aftermath of my husband’s suicide attempt, subsequent separation, and single motherhood. Our initial phone conversation was comforting and offered hope of healing. In person I found her to be compassionate, personable, and genuine. She gave me great tools in coping with anxiety and PTSD. My children also felt many benefits of my counseling sessions with Wendy. Wendy is an engaged listener who gives resourceful feedback. I appreciated her creative ways of explaining principles of healing and how they applied to my situation. Wendy focuses on the whole person for true healing. She supports individuals and families in healing spiritually, emotionally, and physically."

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