Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

I view situations and problems as part of a larger system, utilizing family therapy training. In addition to dealing with many different situations and problems, I have developed expertise in handling trauma and abuse. I continually attend trainings on these topics.

Many of us have to cope with stressful situations, which sometimes can be supported by coming in to talk to a therapist. Stress, depression, anxiety, life changes, coping skills, (the list could be endless) can be addressed in therapy.

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The relationship between a couple can have significant impact on multiple levels: the individual’s well being, the couple’s interactions, work life, family and parenting dynamics, you name it! I definitely enjoy assisting couples better their relationships.

The more people in the room to help create and solve a problem, the more change can occur. Families are the foundation of our society, and I have strong values around family.

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I enjoy helping adolescents and have a great deal of experience with them. Because some people are not comfortable working with adolescents, they often refer them to me. Adolescents are an integral part of families and typically have a family to work with in therapy.

Trauma and PTSD
Throughout this site I have talked about my training with Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) and how we tend to store stressful events in our bodies and nervous systems. One aspect of this particular theory that I really like is the fundamental belief that we are resilient! Our bodies and minds are wired to work together to heal us, sometimes we just need to focus on it to help the process.

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In addition, because clients frequently wish to include the spiritual aspect of their lives in therapy, I have gained significant experience on how to incorporate spirituality into addressing one’s problems. Of course, whether to include spiritual issues in therapy is entirely up to the client.




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